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Damon Bell

    The issue is the mat is not really a chroma green. It is closer to yellow than to green. The hue of the mat is 75. For references, yellow hue is 60 and green is 120.  So the hue of the mat is only 15 away from yellow and 45 away from green. So it is much closer mathematically to yellow than it is to green.

    The mat is not being fully erased with the default settings. So therefore, it makes a “bridge” between the player and the floor which prevents the Clear Area sequence from working.

    The reason why version 7 auto clear works is because version 7 by default removes a wider range of color than the default settings in version 8. With version 7, there really wasn’t any control of the range of colors being removed, so I made it remove a huge range of color.  V7 is like a bulldozer and removes everything that is remotely green. This is good and bad. It ensures then screen is always removes. However, V7 can be too aggressive and remove parts of the foreground that you don’t want it to, especially if any little spill gets on the clothing or skin.

    With version 8, I added adjustments so the users can control the range of colors being extracted. With the new ability to control the specific range of color, I reduced the default settings it only removes chroma green and is less aggressive at removing fringe greens and screen shadows too.  This is a tradeoff in the default settings so that there are less issues removing foreground areas.

    However, I gave a huge range in the settings. So while the defaults remove a lower range of green color, version 8 can actually remove an even larger spectrum of color than version 7…. if you adjust the settings.

    How this pertains to your image….

    If you lower the minimum hue setting to 70 and then is will remove the mat and the Clear Area setting will then work again. I would consider this a “band-aid” fix though.  You really should get a mat that is actually chroma green so you don’t need to lower the min hue setting.   Because lowering the minimum hue value will make it more prone to removing areas of foreground that you don’t want to remove.  So you are basically adjusting the settings away from optimal in order to cater to a yellowish mat.

    Hope that makes sense.

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