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Damon Bell

    The CSV loaded for me, however it did giev a warning because you have an extra column without a header.

    Also, your field has a hidden character for the name in one rows. I can see this in open office with the unrecognized character symbol. In your screenshot, it shows as an extra space in TextEdit.  This is not actually a space. It may or may not cause problems when it runs. It will probably get replaced with a placeholder character when it runs which for some fonts is an extra space but for others it is a box.  So you really need to remove that character.

    As for why it won’t load the CSV at all. I think it must be a file or folder permission issue. Make sure the file it set to read/write access for al 3 users in Finder. Then move the CSV to the desktop and try loading it from there.  Let mw know if that loads.  It will give a warning message unless you remove column B, which isn’t an PSA colunm and doesn’t have a header.