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Damon Bell

    Regrading VAT, I don’t have a VAT ID. I don’t collect any VAT tax. So there is no way I can provide anything on an invoice referencing VAT.

    As a US based company, the United State Internal revenue service doesn’t require me to have a VAT ID or collect VAT tax.  So therefore, I don’t do anything at all with VAT.

    Here is the US, we don’t have such strict requirements for sales receipts.

    Is VAT the thing that you are really needing? I can put the same information from the sales receipt int a different format and call it an “invoice” and save as a PDF if you want and send it to you. However, it won’t contain VAT info.

    In the US, what we call an “Invoice” is a request for payment sent prior to purchase.  What is called a sales “Receipt” is a proof of payment sent after a purchase.  So technically what you are wanting is a sales receipt. However, I can put the word “Invoice” on it and save as a PDF if you want.  I can add “end of month” on it if you really need that.  I have never heard of that before.