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Damon Bell

    If I understand what you are doing, it is simply making a print sheet?

    If you are using player modes 9 or 10, you can duplicate the smart object by using Control+J on Windows or Command+J on Mac on the SPA player layer. It doesn’t matter what the name of the duplicated layer is. Just make sure the name is different than the original SPA smart object layer. The smart objects will then be linked  together. You can make as many copies as you want. Then move, place, and scale the duplicated smart objects where you want.

    Then when running SPA, just run it the exact same way you would for 1 image. however, you must check the box to “Use Smart Objects”.  Then when it replaces the image it will go into all of the duplicated smart objects. VERY IMPOARTANT, if you don’t check the “Use Smart Objects” checkbox in the batch settings then it won’t work add the images to the duplicated smart objects.

    This will only work with Player Modes 9 or 10…. so if using cutout images with modes 1-6 it won’t work/. Also, if the duplicated smart objects need cropped differently then you will have to add layer masks to the duplicated smart objects.  Without seeing an example of what you are making, it is impossible to give more specific instructions for your use case.

    Let me know if this helps