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Lori Moore

    This is what it says:

    Warning: Driver update recommended Warning: Driver is out of date (68 months, should be less than 6 months) Fail: Direct X feature level 11.0 available, feature level 12.0 required Pass: OpenGL available Pass: OpenCL available Pass: DirectX available Pass: Above required VRAM (2007 MB of 1500 MB required) GPU Detected: NVIDIA Quadro K420 (NVIDIA)

    My tech person had me turn off the graphics processor because when it’s on, the screen flashes every time I open images. I have also updated the drivers recently but it still says it’s 68 months past. This never changed. Thanks for working with me on this. I’ve just kept using 2019 with the old version of SPA because it worked so well. I figured out yesterday’s problem with 2019/7.3.4 version but I’d like to get this sorted out so I can use the updated versions.