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Damon Bell

    In order for the Plugin to add the students names to the template, it has to get the text from somewhere. There are 2 options.

    1.You can have the names in the CSV.

    2. You can opt to not use a CSV and have it get the students name from the filenames instead. If using the filename method, the files would need to begin with Last_First (replace with actual names). You can add addition info after the firstname with another underscore.  So for example, a filename of Willaims_Joe_127384.jpg  would be interpreted as the name Joe Williams if using the filename method.

    If using a CSV, you don’t need to put the images into separate folders. It will just build the class with the files that are in the CSV. However, if using the filename option without a CSV to add the names, you would have to separate the classes into folders since there isn’t a data file.