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Damon Bell

    Is it memory mates or team only?

    The way SPA runs, it must have  a Player 1 image because everything is linked to that as the “main” image. So if you don’t have a player image and you want to insert a team only image without a player,  you can’t use the Team Files slot. You must use the Player slot for the team image. Only use the “team” option when doing memory mates.

    If you are doing team only then setup the template with player Slot 1, using modes 9 or 10.  SPA won’t care that it is a team image instead of a player image.  In the SPA settings, DON’T select anything at all for the team settings.  If using a CSV, DON’T use the team file column.

    Just run everything exactly as you would for a single player image.  this is much easier too because you don’t need to do anything special with a CSV and don’t need to select any settings for the team either.

    Just make sure to use player modes 9 10 10. Player mode 9 works the same as team mode 1. Player mode 10 works the same as Team mode 2.

    I realize this is not intuitive. I probably should not have names the image slots “Player” and “Team”.  I probably should have just called them slot 1, slot2, slot 3, etc because SPA really doesn’t care if the images are team or player.