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Damon Bell

    This issue is most likely that your GPU is turned off in Photoshop. Face Detection is done on the GPU. If that is turned off then Photoshop can’t do face detection. The “twisting” that you mention is normal SPA behavior when it can’t detect a face. If it doesn’t find the face then it looks for it at different angles.  Sometimes a tilted head won’t detect but it is able to see it at one of the angles it checks. In the case where the GPU gets turned off, it has to check 19 different angles before it gives up and move to the next image which is what you are seeing.

    In the Photoshop preferences under the Performance section, make sure the checkbox that says “Use Graphics Processor” is turned on. Photoshop will often turn this off automatically if it runs into compatibility issues with you GPU. If Photoshop keeps turning this off then either your graphics card driver is out of date or Photoshop isn’t fully compatible with the GPU make/model anymore.