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Damon Bell

    Do the cutouts have feet in the image?  Or are you cropping in camera?

    Modes 2 and 3 will align to the bottom of the transparency, whatever that is. For modes 2 and 3 to work properly, you MUST have feet in the image so that the feet will align to the bottom red line always which should give a similar cutoff point when the red line is placed below the canvas edges.

    If you are not including feet in the cutouts and where it cuts off in camera changes, then modes 2 and 3 will neevr giev repeatable results because it will align to whereeevr you chopped of the bottom in camera.
    If you DO have feet in the cutouts……

    If the images have feet AND the cutouts are clean, then modes 2/3 will align to the feet.  This will give a fairly repeatable cutoff point in the compostited image. However, if there is residual background not cut all the way out then modes 2/3 will align to whatever isn’t cutout on the bottom. Also, if they are standing on a mat that isn’t cutout then that acts as the bottom of the cutout and things won’t align right.

    In your examples, I can’t see if the feet end up aligned to the red line or not. However, my guess is they don’t because there is something else not cutout below the feet.

    In the batch settings, check the box that says “use Select Subject For Player Edges”. Then try running again. Then instead of aligning to the edges of transparency, it will run Select Subject and use that to align too. So, as long as select subject selected only to the bottom of the feet, it will then ignore anything in the background that is not cutout below the feet.

    So in summary……

    – You must have feet in the cutouts to use modes 2 or 3

    – If you do have feet and the feet don’t end up on the red alignment line, then try the Select Subject mode in the SPA settings.

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