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Damon Bell

    Face Crop doesn’t auto rotate images. You need to get that part right in camera. If not, then you will have to rotate by hand.

    I already looked into having the plugin do this automatically. However, there just isn’t anyway way to automate this in the plugin to accurately and consistantly rotate images.

    Maybe the easiest way would be to do this in LR and then export the images.

    You could use the Workflow Helper plugin to to automated opening each image. Then you press Control+T for each that need rotated and rotate as needed. Then when you press continue, Workflow Help will save the image and open the next image. That will keep the workflow moving along.

    Theses are the best solutions I know of. There just isn’t a 1-click batch solution.

    For the next shoot, if you don’t use a tripod, then maybe you can set the level detection on the camera? Many camera have a level line that will display.