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Damon Bell

    Yes, but the design layout can get complicated.

    The basics of it is that you have to duplicate the smart objects by using Control+J (command+J on Mac). Then when you run the batch in SPA, you MUST select the option to “Use Smart Objects”.  With that option checked, when it replaces the contents of the player image, the duplicated smart objects will also get the same image.  If you don’t check that option when running then it will throw away the smart object and only use that for positioning and replace it with a normal layer, which won’t work.

    That is all you need to do technically to make it work in SPA.

    As far as the PSD design work goes, that is up to you to do.  If the image copies you are making are different aspect ratios then you will have to use additional making on the duplicated smart objects to achieve the different aspect ratios.  It can get a bit tricky. Photoshop graphics design is beyond the scope of Pixnub tech support though. So you will need to be able to do the Photoshop design part on your own.