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Damon Bell

    Your screen is too dark and too yellowish. For EZ Green Screen 8, you will need to lower the min brightness setting down to around 15 and lower the min hue all the way down to 85.  I’m planning to lower the range to allow the minimum value to be set down to 75 for the hue in 8.0.1.  With your images, you really need to go down to around 80 on that value to remove everything but 8.0.0 only will go down to 85.

    I will try to get 8.0.1 released tomorrow night.

    Any time the defaults in 8.0 don’t remove all of the screen it is an indication that either the screen is under exposed or in not really chroma green. In your case it is both.  Anyway, I will post the settings and an example tomorrow night after I release updates for 8.0.1.  No point in doing anything with the extractions until I release 8.0.1 so I would put that job on hold for a day and move onto another that hopefully has better green screen color and lighting.

    No way I can stat on 8.0.1 updates until tomorrow afternoon. So Tomorrow night at the earliest for me to release it.