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Damon Bell

    Is your camera set to Adobe RGB?  If so then change it to sRGB. Using Adobe RGB is a mistake. Pretty much all print labs are are calibrated to sRGB and will convert the files to sRGB anyway.  If your camera is set to sRGB and Rebooku converted the files to Adobe RGB then you need to tell them to not do that.

    I would create a 1-step photoshop action.  When recording the action, do the Convert To Profile and convert to sRGB. Make sure to not do Assign Profile as that will cause color shifting. Always use convert to profile.

    Then when you have  a1 step action, run a batch process with the Pixnub Hot Folder plugin to batch process the action. I suggest having the save mode set to TIF. The Photoshop plugins API leaves the color profile out when saving PNG.  You can have Hot Folder save as PNG, however, the sRGB color profile won’t be embedded. This will work, but you must make sure it runs the action to convert to sRGB.  If you don’t and it saves the Adobe RGB as PNG without first converting to sRGB then it will cause color shifting in the image.  So safest to just use TIF when converting in the batch.

    Then after you have all of files converted to sRGB TIF, rerun SPA to add the TIF images to the template. however, first MAKE SURE the template is also set to sRGB.

    In the future, make sure the camera is set to sRGB.  And make sure Rebooku is not converting images to Adobe RGB.

    Many photographers who have no clue of what they are talking about will say to use Adobe RGB because of the larger Gamut. Don’t listen to them.  Never use anything but sRGB, especially when making composites. It just opens up the door for color shifting to happen.

    In fact future versions of SPA will only allow sRGB because I’ve grown tired of having to do tech support for this same topic, LOL 🙂