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Damon Bell

    Yes, the is exactly right.   You only have 966×1208 pixels left after cropping. This isn’t resized, it is just what is left over. Face Crop has the option to force an exact size but I would never do that to upsize as that just makes the pixels blurry.  I only suggest resizing if you want to force the final size to be smaller, say for a yearbook where you only need 400×500 pixels or something like that.  It is never a good idea to upsize.

    Here is where I think you went wrong……

    I think your original cutout file probably has enough resolution to start with. However, your PSD template is too small.

    I would convert the original template to 4800×6000 pixels using the Preserve Details 2.0 option when changing the size in Photoshop (that is the best upsizing mode).  Then save the template as a new copy. Even if the graphics are not perfectly sharp then no big deal because those are not the main focus point.

    After making the new template, rerun SPA so it creates final images that are 6000×4800. Based on the layout it looks like that would make the kid about 4,000 pixels tall when running though SPA. So just make sure your original image have that type of resolution. I’m not talking about the image dimensions in the original, I’m talking about how tall the kids are in the frame. I see a lot of people using high resolution cameras but only filling half of the frame. So this defeats the purpose and makes the actual resolution of the kids smaller.

    Anyway, assuming you have high enough resolution to put the kids into the 6000×4800 template, that is what I would do. You could also go higher if the cutouts have enough resolution.

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