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Damon Bell

    My guess is your images are not high enough resolution to start with.

    Is the PPI exactly 120 or does it change a little for each image?  If it is exactly 120 PPI for every image then you may have turned resample on tin the plugin. However, if it changes for each image then the PPI is just based on what is left over in you image after cropping.

    Unless you check the resample option then Face Crop doesn’t resize your images. It simply crops.  You are left with whatever resolution is left after cropping. So, for example,  if the image has 1245 pixel left in height after cropping and you have it set to 10 inches tall then this means the PPI is 124.5 (1245/10).  If you set the print size as 4×5 inches then the PPI would be 249 (1245/5).  However, the resolution is still the same as it is only 1245 pixels tall. The PPI number by itself in meaningless. 1×1 inches at 1000 PPI is exactly the same as 10×10 inches at 100 PPI.  Both images would be 1000 x 1000 pixels.

    In your case, it sounds to me like there is not very much resolution left over after cropping everything off.  In the presets, you could force it to save at 8×10 inches at 300 PPI. You would do that by turning resampling on in the preset and setting it to 8×10 at 300 PPI. This would be 2400×3000 pixels. However, if your images only have 1,200 pixels left over after cropping and you are forcing it to save as 3,000 pixels tall, then you are not really get good resolution. You are just upscaling a smaller image.

    It is best to leave resampling off and just let the image size be what it is after cropping.  If there isn’t enough resolution after cropping then it is because there wasn’t enough resolution to start with.

    See this video


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