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Damon Bell

    I just tested by doing the generative fill before doing any create preset. The first time I ran it, it kept the fill. But then when I re-ran the create preset, it revert back to the original.  It should have used the history state from after the gen fill was done. Not sure why it is reverting back to the original.  I may have programmed it to do that if it threw an error trying to revery back to the history state….. at least that is my guess.

    When using the create presets section to make presets, it needs to undo the prior crop when testing a new preset so it is starting over from scratch. So what is happening is part of that sequence.

    In the case where you are using this for another purpose other than to just create presets, you need it to keep edit steps you made.  Since this isn’t the normal use of this feature, this issue has never popped up.

    The best solution is to just duplicate the image after doing the generative fill. So first flatten the image. Then go to Image > Duplicate image in the PS menu. Then if it revert back to the original image, the original image for the duplicate would have the generative fill as the starting point. I realize this is not the ideal method but it is how it would have to be done.