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Damon Bell

    This is expected when using the create/test preset feature.

    The create/test presets was designed with the thought that is would be used for creating presets and people may need to test different values until they find what they want.

    So it creates history states so it can start over from the original with the new test value instead of re-cropping from the already cropped image. When you re-run it, it reverts back to the prior history states so it loses anything you did since you last ran it. The reason why is so that it can start over. Say for example, you cropped tighter than you wanted and then wanted to change the preset to be wider, this way, it undoes the last crop attempt and starts over with the original.  Also, in the cases where people turn on resampling, this way it will undo that.

    So in your case, either delete all of the history states and then recrop, or duplicate the image and recrop. Then it won’t have the history states to refer back to and won’t undo the generative fill that you did.