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Damon Bell

    2 things.

    1. Your screen is really not chroma green. It is closer to yellow than to green. The screen hue is right at 85ish.  For EZGS 8, 85 is the lowest amount the min hue can be set to. So it may not fully extract the screen in EZGS 8 and could leave a slight haze in spots.  For references, green is 120 hue, yellow is 60. So 85 is 25 away from yellow and 35 away from green.  This has nothing to do wit the issue you posted, but thought to mention it because you will probably run into issue with EZGS 8. For sure, if using this screen in EZGS 8, you will need to decrease the min hue down to 85….. and maybe decrease the max hue down to 120 or so (for this screen only).  EZGS 7 will probably extract it OK because EZGS 7 is a bulldozer removing anything close to green in it’s path…. which is good and also bad at times.

    2. Back to your issue, I don’t see it on my computer. See this extraction example. This is with the default spill correction settings and nothing adjusted in the layer. It is set to 60%. There is not any shift in the color at all.

    So what I need you to do is extract an image and then send me the PSD with all of the layers. Don’t adjust anything. Run with default settings and just send over the PSD as is. I need to see how your computer is creating the mask on the spill correction layer and if that is different than what should happen.

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    • This reply was modified 9 months ago by Damon Bell.