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Damon Bell

    You will have to change every layer.  Also, You need to edit the text so it is the maximum length you want it too.  The plugin will auto scale the text down if it is longer then what is in the template already. So using the last name layer as is would force the entire name to fit the width that the text is it the template now so it would really condense the text.

    The plugin is setup with the option for a template to be setup with NAME layers.  So the template should be setup with the layers called NAME, Not FIRSTNAME or LASTNAME. When the template is setup with NAME for the layers, you DON’T combine the first and last name into one column. Instead, just use the separate columns with the first name and last name in the CSV. The plugin will see there is a NAME layer and then it will combine the text for first name and last name automatically.

    However,  you would need to make your own. Depending on the number you are trying to create, that  cold be a fairly involved project to set up the template.

    I do have one template released that has the layer structure set up for the full name in one layer. The style of the template is likely not what you want for this project. However, if you want to see how the layers need set up then this would be a guide for you.  If you log into the platinum account, the template is 50% off so it is only $15 for platinum members.

    Preschool Polaroid – EZ Composites Template