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Damon Bell

    This is an issue with composites in general, not specifically with SPA either. If you do it by hand in Photoshop then the composite will never have the meta data from the cutout image either.

    2 things can cause this

    1. Does that match the metadata from the PSD template you used?

    With composites, you are putting a cutout into another file (the template).  So the metadata of the composite is the metadata of the template file.  If the template has metadata already, then the meta data of the saved composite will always be that of the template file. If you do it in Photoshop by hand (or with any other image editing software), the same exact thing will happen.  When you bring a new layer into the template file,. the meta data will still be that of the template. Photoshop does not overwrite the metadata of the template file with the metadata from a cutout that you added into a layer.

    So in cases where a template was made from another background image to start with, the template will still contain the metadata from the background image

    2. If the template was created from a blank document then SPA will “attempt” to copy the meta data from the cutout file and add it to the composite image. This can only happen if the template file has no metadata to start with.  This sometimes works fine. However, sometimes Photoshop gets stuck with the meta data from the first image and uses that for all of the images in the batch.  I looked into this but there is no way to fix it.

    So make sure the template has no meta data and then it may work. However, if it gets stuck using the meta data from the first image then it just is what it is.

    The Photoshop plugin API currently has no official way to transfer meta data from one file to another. So I really can’t report anything to Adobe if it doesn’t work. The method I am trying to do this is not officially supported by Photoshop.  Adobe said they may add meta data controls in a future plugins API release. If/when they do then I will revisit it.

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