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Damon Bell

    There is some type of mismatch. Perhaps you have hidden ASCII characters in the CSV data. I have seen that happen with some data collection systems. Not sure what you are using.

    Anyway, if you send me the csv file plus 2 images that work and 2 that don’t then I will look at it tomorrow. It is after midnight and I am heading to bed now.

    I probably can’t look at it until early afternoon as I am heading out in the morning and won’t be back until 12:00 or so.

    Anyway, pretty sure there is a data mismatch somewhere. If you open the csv in a plain text editor it will show the delimiters and any hidden characters. If yo see extra spaces then those may not actually be spaces. They could be greek characters or something that the text editor can’t display.  I have seen this on multiple occasions and it was due to how the users were collecting the data they were using to make the CSV files.