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Damon Bell

    I don’t do phone calls unless we can’t solve it in the forum first.

    I thought the video showed how to fix the text layer.

    You need to make a new text layer from scratch.  When you resize the new text layer, type in the size, DON’T resize the layer by scaling it. That is what causes the bug to happen.

    If you have a layer style on the text layer then you can copy the layer style from the old text player and put it onto the new text layer. If you right click on the old text layer and select copy layer and then right click on the new text layer and select paste layer style it will then add the layer style to the new text layer.

    The delete the  old text layer and rename the new text layer to the proper name.

    Make sure the layer is set to Point Text.  There is a button in the SPA PSD setup screen to do that.  Make sure you have rename the layer first.

    Now try the new text layer.

    This will fix the character resizing issues.

    Not sure about the X or XM scaling issues because you may have another set up issue messing that part up.

    Let me know after you have done this.