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Damon Bell

    It’s probably a little more work than you would want to do to make the template for it. I don’t have tutorials for that because the plugin is really designed for the user to use the layouts that I have made and just add in their own graphics. Creating custom templates is not quick or easy for the plugin, and also pretty technically advanced.

    You would need to create your own template using a text layer called NAME-EZCOMP-001, NAME-EZCOMP-002, etc, instead of FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME.  You would need to update the template for every image slot.  The you would need to make the placeholder text size the maximum width you want it to fit the full name into.

    In the CSV, to force images to the end, use the column FORCEORDER.   Put 10001, 10002, 10003 etc for anything on the end.  The images without anything in the column will get ordered by last name. The images starting at 10001 will go at the end.

    For the CSV, you still need the FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME columns separate. The plugin will automatically combine the text and add it to the layer NAME layer if it see it.

    For the extra text column, you would need layers called TEXT-EZCOMP-001, TEXT-EZCOMP-001, etc. Then in the CSV, use the TEXT column.

    Anyway, I highly recommend against attempting this unless you are really comfortable setting it up There is a lot that can go wrong with the set up process.

    You are far better off just using the layout I have made and adding in your own graphics, and possible rearranging the layouts.

    I do plan to make more layouts but I just haven’t got to it yet.