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Damon Bell

    One thing that I am thinking is that maybe Lumenzia is monitoring a Photoshop event for opening new images and then preloading the plugin with info about the images.  So if this runs after EZGS opens the image it may block it from starting it’s extraction process.

    One thing I may try to do with EZGS 8 for testing, is to program EZGS to maintain control of the UXP engine for a fixed amount of time after it opens the image…. say a tenth of a second or something. Then perhaps that would block any other UXP plugins that are monitoring the image opening event so those can’t run their function when EZGS opens and image.

    Ultimately, I think a batch could all be done as one programming function to block anything else from interrupting. However, I can’t build in the pause steps for editing if I did this.  So that is not a good option.

    Anyway, I don’t want to spend time on this now.  After I finish the EZGS beta, we can do some testing to see if I can block Lumenzia from interrupting the batch.