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Damon Bell

    Thanks for the update.  That is great info.  I will need to look into it. However, if it requires a modification to Lumenzia to fix it then there is nothign that I will be able to do about it.

    My guess is that Lumenzia may be continually “pinging” PS and interrupting the batch processing.

    In UXP, only one plugin at a time can perform operations.  So if Lumenzia were to take control of UXP between images then it would cause EZGS to abort.

    For troubleshooting, please try this.

    install Lumenzia again. Restart Photoshop, but don’t open Lumenzia.  Then runs a batch in EZGS 7.  Then open Lumenzia and close it. Then try running a batch in EZGS 7.  If the batch then fails then it would seem that something is getting launched from Lumenzia that is running continaully in the background, even after you close the Lumenzia Window.

    So if Lumenzia doesn’t cause any issue until after you have ran it within a given PS session then you could keep it install but know that if you have ever used it then you will need to restart PS before running EZ Green Screen.

    For sure, I will look into this after EZ Green Screen 8 is done because I don’t want to spend any time on it with EZGS 7.  However, it will probably do the same thing on EZGS 8. I will contact the developer after EZGS 8 is ready so we will be troublehooting with the latest EZGS release…. that is if the developer is willing to troubleshoot it.

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