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Damon Bell

    It depends, there are 2 situation.

    1. If the window open up too small but there is room on the bottom of the screen then you can just click and drag the window edges to resize the window.

    2. If there is no more  room on the bottom of the screen to resize the window then the screen resolution is too low and/or the app scaling is set too high in the operating system.  Your screen needs to be a minimum of 900 pixels tall (1600 x 900 for example). Almost all screens these days can display at least 1600 x 900.  If your screen is 1600 x 900 or higher and the window still doesn’t fit then the app scaling in the operating system is set too low.  In that case you will need to adjust you operating system app scaling.

    If you have a vey small screen such as 1360 x 768 then the window just simply won’t fit. So in that case you will need to plug in a screen that can display at least 1600 x 900.  The batch settings is a popup window from the main plugin window.  In the plugin programming platform, there is no way to put in scroll bars to a pop up window from the main plugin.  Scroll bars can only be added to the main plugin window.  I am thinking about reconfiguring the user interface and moving the batch window to it’s own menu item under the plugins menu to allow for scroll bars on really small screens. However, I haven’t done that yet. It is on my to do list.