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Damon Bell

    The are 3 possibilities.

    1. It is encountering an issue with the PSD setup and is unable to complete the composition build. To test this, in the batch settings check the checkbox that says “Pause on finished image”. Then star the batch.  This should pause the batch after each images composite is finished and allow you to edit it. If you have that checkbox on and it doesn’t pause for you to edit then there is an issue with the PSD setup. However, if it does pause for you to edit then the composite was completey built and the PSD file is OK.

    2. Do the file names it is trying to save contain any of the the following characters? These characters are not allowed in fiel saving with Photoshop plugins. These are blocked by Adobe in the plugins engine.  If your filenames contain any of these it will not save the files.


    3. It could be a save folder permission issue. Are you trying to save to a local drive or a network drive?  If the first 2 causes are not the issue and you are trying to save to a network or cloud drive then try creating a new folder on you desktop and use that as the save folder. If that works then you have a folder permission issue with the other save folder.

    Let me know……

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