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Damon Bell

    Your GPU is turned off in the photoshop preferences so it can’t detect a face. The “dancing” images is normal for when it doesn’t detect a face. This is part of how it finds faces when the persons head is tilted. If it can’t see a face because of a tilted head, it looks at various angles trying to find it until it gives up an moves on.

    When the GPU gets turned off, it can’t find a face (because face detection is done on the gpu).  Then it goes through al of the retries.

    In the Photoshop preferences, under the performance section, make sure that checkbox that says “Use Graphics Processor” is on. Then it should work.

    If that is getting unchecked on it’s own then Photoshop is doing that when it encounters GPU issue.  This is typically from an out of date GPU driver or the GPU itself is no longer fully compatible with Photoshop. Also, if you are multi-tasking on the computer while batching Pixnub and using other GPU intensive programs at the same time, it can steal the GPU resources away from Photoshop. Then Photoshop thinks there is an issue with the GPU and turns it off in the preferences.

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