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Damon Bell

    1. I don’t know why the plugins needed reactivated.  I have seen Photoshop lose the activation files before. On the old “filter” menu plugins, I used to store the activations outside of Photoshop in the ProgramData folder. However, Adobe now only allows the files to be stored under one specific folder which is specific to each PS version for “security” reasons. So if you have 2 versions of PS installed, you need to activate each versions. Also, Each plugin needs activated individually because the plugin data folder is specific to each plugin. Sometimes PS just loses the files in these folders.  A bunch of plugin developers have been asking for them to open up the other folders to use for data storage. Adobe has opened it up but with a special user permission to opt in. I need to revisit that to see if I can get that to work in a way that it is easy for user to activate without getting confused by the permissions thing.

    Anyway, just let me know if it keeps happening and if it does we can try to figure out why PS is losing the files.

    2. Sorry, I thought you were doing text only replacement with a dummy image.  If you want to insert a team only image,  you can’t use the Team Files slot. That is only for memory mates.  If you are doing team only then use the Player Slot for the team.  Player modes 9 and 10 work exactly like Team Modes 1 and 2.   You can also use modes 7 or 8 if the team image fills the entire canvas. When you run the batch don’t check the memory mates checkbox. If using a CSV, don’t have a column for team images. Run it just like it was player only images.

    I realize this is not intuitive for team only images.  I had thought about renaming the Players Images slot to “Primary Image” and the Team slot to “Secondary Image” so they were not called “Player” and “Team”. I thought this would be more confusing for everything except team only so I just left it as is.  Anyway, any time you are adding just a single image, whether it is player team, or anything else, always use the Player slot.

    If you need further help, please reply in the forum instead of responding to the automated email. That way the conversation stays preserved in the forum for future reference.

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