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Damon Bell

    Sorry about that. I need to update the link in the download. It is pointing to an old video showing how to use in SPA 7 and I removed that video because the template was updated for the SPA 8/9 dynamic actions method.

    You can watch the videos for the SPA dynamic actions. I’m pretty sure Champions template is set up exactly like the Orioles template. There are 6 videos on this page showing different methods for how dynamic actions can be setup. A couple of the videos highlight the Orioles templates showing how that one it setup. I didn’t make a redundant video for the Champions template. I need to update the downloads text file with a better description of where to look.

    If you have any questions about how it works after watching the videos then let me know. I suggest watching all of the videos so you get a real understanding of what the actions are doing so you can customize as needed and also apply the methodology to other templates too.

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