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Damon Bell

    Data mode “none” mean it will not replace any name data…. but it won’t delete any layers in the template either. The XXXXXXX is there to setup the max text sizing. That template is designed to be used with First and Last Names.

    If you want to build it without names then you will need to make a template set to do that. So you would have to delete or hide all of the text layers in the PSD and resave the PSD. That will leave that space empty though. So the gaps left behind may be larger than you wan and then you may want to rearrange and resize the image sots to take up the empty space left over. Really, a new template set would probably be the best so it could be designed without names and the sizing /margins of the images designed accordingly

    I may make some sets without names in the future. However, the ones I have already released, plugin the next few I will released all have name layers.

    Honestly, it is a lot of work to make a set of PSD files for a layout. So it may be better to just use the layouts as is and add the names.