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Damon Bell

    Did you check the Graphics preferemces as stated in the message.

    I don’t think the issue is related to upgrading EZ Team Builder, but could be due to upgrading Photoshpp is you also updated PS too.

    The changes to EZ Team Builder are only for software activation and I didn’t make any other changes to the plugin at all. I’m moving the Pixnub site to a new server soon and the plugins had to be updated for the new activation system. The old system was created years ago in an old php version on the server and the new server can’t run the old activation system. I don’t think these changes can affect face detection in any way.

    Please check the graphics processor setting in the PS prefs. If it is off then turn it on an and it should work. If you can’t turn it on then there is probably an issue with the graphics drivers being too old for the latest PS release. Photoshop will automatically turn off the GPU when it encounters issues. Face detection runs on the GPU so it has to be on for EZ Team Builder to run.