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Damon Bell

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    The folder location is buried and hidden so you’ll need to enable the system to view hidden folders and files.

    This is the only location that Adobe allows UXP plugins to store data without prompting the user for permissions to access the folder every time it needs to access a file. The “24” is the PS version so CC 2023. It will be “23” for CC 2022.


    Photoshop has had a terrible time when upgrading Photoshop with deleting the files. It is suppose to transfer the files from one version to the next but it doesn’t always work.

    So I recommend Exporting your presets after you make them. Face Crop 4 has a built in import/export feature in the plugin. It will export to a folder of CSV files. Then you can import later if you switch computers….. or if Adobe loses the files on it’s own.

    I would like to store the preset files and activations under C:ProgramData/Pixnub like the old jsx script did. That way Adobe would never drop the files. For UXP API 1 this wasn’t possible because of the user permissions needed every time to access it. However, Adobe has introduced “persistent tokens” in their latest UXP API 2 release. So I plan to look into this eventually to see if I can use that to store the files under C:ProgramData/Pixnub. I think that asks the user once but never again. However, I’m not sure what would happen if the user hits “deny access”….. if it would ask again the next time or the license keys and presets just wouldn’t work after that point. Anyway, I don’t have time to look into that any time soon anyway because it would require a significant change to make for all of the plugins.

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