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Damon Bell

    This is due to a Photoshop bug. The text layer is corrupted. I have worked with Adobe a couple of times on this. They fix it but then it comes back in a different form.

    Can yo please send me the template? I’m trying to collect templates that have this issue for troubleshooting.

    The fix is to recreate the text layer from scratch. When you do, DON’T resize the text by using the scale tool. Only type in the input to resize the text. The bug comes from scaling to size the text. Photoshop then keeps the old size in the parameter, along with a scaling factor. Photoshop doesn’t simply store the new text size if you use the rescale tool. It also stores the old text size + a scaling factor per character. All of these parameters are hidden to the user. It is suppose to do the math to output the correct size, which sometimes has hiccups in the plugins system when replacing text. If you always type in the size to resize text when designing template and never use the scale tool to set the size then this bug will never come up. However, once a text layer has been scaled, Photoshop will always have the extra variables store inside the text layer hidden from the user with an old size and a scaling factor. I don’t know why Adobe made it that way, but they did.

    So make a new text layer. Then if you need to transfer the layer style, you can right click on the old text layer and select copy layer style. Then right click on te new layer and select paste layer style. Then delete the old text layer.

    See this video for more details. most of the time this doesn’t happen in batch and only happens when using the form to enter text. However, there have been a few times this has happened during batch. And for these cases, I want the templates for my testing. So please send me the template before fixing it.