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Damon Bell

    Please post your settings.

    2 things……

    1. You probably want to increase the setting called player scaling.

    2. Was the camera zoom, camera position, or athlete position moved between shots? Or were the images cropped post processing before running through EZ Team Builder? The proportional scaling between players looks off. Some appear larger than other. This mean that either things were changed during the shooting, or the images were cropped in post which created the differences.

    Here are the tutorials for EZ Team Builder. Please watch the video called Player Scaling and Spacing. That should answer any questions you have about the payer sizing. You probably should watch all of the videos too.

    EZ Team Builder Tutorials

    Regarding some players being larger than the other, you really need to figure out how that happened too. EZ Team Builder won’t fix issues with scaling being different between players. It assumes that you already have that part correct before it runs.