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    There are 2 things going on with your file.  However, it still loads for me after clciking through the warnign messgae. Whether it works or not, not sure… but it does load.

    1.  The warning message it gives is because you have columns without headers. I’m assuming that you are not using those columns for SPA.  It should still work if you leave them in there.  But it will give you a warning.  When you close the warning messgae, does it show the file name in the SPA settings? See the screen shot.

    2. You have a extra special ASCII character #189 in the data.  I looked up what that is and it can be a variety of different special characters depending on the character set. This may cause issues when SPA tries to run because it may not recognize the character. I think what will happen is most fonts will display that a a blank box for the character.

    In your screenshot, it shows up as as extra spaces in Notepad.  That is because Notepad doesn’t know what the character is. I think Ecel may just omit them so you don’t see them.

    I opened the file in Libre Office. It shows up in there as a ? with a diamond around it. That is what that program will show for an unrecognized character. See the screen shot for what I am referring to.

    I’m not sure how you are getting the data into the spreadsheet. however you are importing it, it is coming with ASCII code 189 characters attached to the data where ever you see question marks in the screenshot I sent you.


    So let me know if the file name is showing up after you close the warning. If not them you may need to remove the columns without the headers.

    For sure, you will need to remove the extra characters which may be hidden in Excel or other spreadsheet programs.  Even if they are hidden, they exist and will cause issues. So you really need to find out where they are coming from so you can prevent it.