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Russ Parker

    Hi Damon… I am at a total loss.. I have done everything I can do to make SPA work.  It just will not Run. It loads the Player group pn to my template but that will not run the PNG images I ran thru Pixnub Image extract.    It will not Load a custom Player

    I have tried severl versions of my template. As PSD as Tiff.  The template itself is a flat image with no layers and No txt or csv data.

    I have reset PS preferences I just do not know what else to do. I lost 6 hours yesterday and another 3 today trying to do this job.

    The thing is I have a lot of oter work I need Pixnub to run.  I hate to give up but I have 446 photos that needed to be on templates 3 days ago.  I guess I am gona have to do them by hand.  If you have any ideas please let me know.   So Image extract worked Face crop worked, My PS AI is working but SPA will not.  Let me know what you think