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    If Face Crop doesn’t work then it is a GPU compatibility issue with Photoshop, almost certainly.  Try resetting the Photoshop preferences.

    If that doesn’t work then open a Player Image. Then go tot Filter>Liquify.  See if it recognizes Face 1 and allows you to apply any Face morphs. I’m guess Face Aware under Liquify won’t work either. If not, then the issue is for sure on the Photoshop side.

    If Face Aware Liquify doesn’t work…….

    n this case Adobe will need to help you fix it.  Contact their their support and work with them to get Face Aware Liquify to work. Don’t even mention Pixnub because they will just look for an easy way out and try to send you back to me.  If you stick with them working on Face Aware Liquify then they will have to own the issue.  If they get that to work then Face Crop and SPA should also work too.

    If Face Aware Liquify works but not SPA and Face Crop then it is not a typical issue. In that case we would need to pick up troubleshooting tomorrow since it is after midnight right now EST where I am at.