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    Are the text layers set up as point text or paragraph text?  They must be point text to work.  the default text mode in Photoshop is paragraph text.  If you double click to edit the text and you have a bounding box around it then it is paragraph text. If you double click to edit and there is only a line under it and not a box then it is point text which is what you need it to be.

    As far as it showing the other layers, I will need to look into theis to see if I can fix it. There was a bug in the new Photoshop plugins scripting that would auto show a hidden layer was selected. I know this was discussed a while back in the Adobe Developer forum. However, I can’t remember if there was a work around.  The way EZ Composites know which layers are in the template is is tries to select each layer by name. If it can successfully select that layer then it knows that text layer exists.  I didn’t account for having a NAME layer but then also having FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME there too but hidden. So with this, I would like to fix it so it doesn’t auto show the layer… but not sure if it can be fixed or not. If not, then I would have to work with Adobe to see if they can fix it on their end.

    So if you want to keep the additional layers then this is the workaround for now. Put the FIRSTNAME and LAST NAME layers into a group folder.  You can name the group anything you want as l0ong as the name is different than the layers. You can also put both FIRSTNAM and LASTNAME in the same group. Then unckeck the visibility for the group folder.  Then they will remain hidden since the group folder visibility won’t be affected by the automation sequence.