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    @ Todd Canon

    Sorry, typo on my part. I meant to ask Does Face Aware Liquify also stop working whenever EZ Team Builder stops working?  Face Crop, EX Team Builder, and SPA all use the same Face Detection system.   What I wanted to know is if the Photoshop Face Aware Liquify always stops working whenever any of the Pixnub Face Detection stops working. If so, then the problem is certainly 100% on the Photoshop side.  If that is the case the you will get the best response from Adobe by focusing on getting them to fix Face Aware Liquify on your system.  If you mention Pixnub then it just gives them a way out of helping.  However, they have to own up to fixing Face Aware Liquify since that is their program.   If you get them to fix that then Pixnub will work too.