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    OK, good to know.

    Also, just FYI on TIF vs. PNG…..

    I recommend using TIF unless you need to send the cutout files to the lab. Most labs only accept PNG.

    For all other cases, TIF is better. The batch process will save much faster as TIF than saving as PNG.  Also, the PNG cutout files won’t save with the ICC color profile embedded. So, the file is assumed to be sRGB… but the profile isn’t actually embedded in the file.  This will cause a problem if the PSD template isn’t asRGB, So, the template MUST be sRGB in order to prevent color shifting with PNG cutout files. With TIF files, the sRGB color profile is embedded. So with TIF, SPA is able to convert the profiles correctly in case of a mismatched profile between the template and cutout.  Some designers….. for what reason I don’t know, make their templates in Adobe RGB 1998 instead of the standard sRGB. For those templates, color shifting can occur when running PNG cutout file.  This is a huge pet peeve of mine.  However, I can’t control how designers save their template file. So because of this, TIF is always a better option for SPA.