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    OK, I see.

    However, for the images that it “worked” for, those are the images that it actually didn’t work correctly…. at least not how I programmed it to work.  It should never clear the area outside of the screen if the feet are hanging off. If it did then something didn’t work correctly.

    I think because of how zoomed out and how small the kids are in the frame, the sample points to connect the center subject to objects didn’t run the way it was suppose to. I may need to add some more sample points to ensure it catches images that are more zoomed out. To save time, I only sample 9 points in a small grid for white space in the mask near the center.  If it finds that then it connects any white part of the original mask that is connected to that.  That prevents erasing objects the people are holding. The actually clearing parts relies on Select Subjects which is terrible for selecting sports equipment.  therefore, I had to implement this to prevent it from erasing sports equipment.

    I know it seems counterintuitive.  However, for version 6, it was a huge problem with Auto clear erasing baseball bats, hockey sticks, ect. I got tired of doing tech support for sports equipment getting erased.  The only way to make it work reliably is to change how it works as explained in the video.  So now, it should never erase any sports equipment. However, in order to get it to do that properly, the feet must be on the screen, or the images must be cropped above the bottom of the green.

    In order to clear non-green areas, that is just how I had to make it. the only other option was to drop the feature and have it only remove green like every other green screen removal program does.