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    @ Todd Canon

    If there is an issue with the GPU in Photoshop then Adobe really needs to fix it.  It is beyond what I can fix.  In order to test to ensure it is on the Photoshop side please do this.

    Open one of the player images in Photoshop. Then go to Filter > Liquify.  In the face aware sections, does it show “Face 1” in the dropdown?  If so, please try to make changes to the face shape… smile, eye size, or whatever.  If Liquify doesn’t work to chaneg the face shape then the Face detection issue is inside photoshop itself, not due to Pixnub.

    If that is the case then please contact Adobe and tell them you need them to fix it so Face Aware Liquify works. If that works, then Pixnub will work.  However, don’t tell the Adobe tech that you are trying to make Pixnub work. If you tell them that then you give them an easy way out of helping and they will often just blame the 3rd party software and send you back to me, even though the issue is on their side and I can’t fix it.  So, by focusing only on Face aware Liquify, it forces Adobe to own the issue and help you fix it.

    Please let me know what you figure out.