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    The download is on this page.  It’s not on the main download page because the plugin is still is test mode and I don’t have templates for it. Therefore, I don’t want a bunch of people just testing Pixnub out to find it and use it until it is ready.  Really, I should probably have not released it at all until this summer when I have templates for it which was my initial plan.

    Download is here. It’s not on the main download page yet because it is still in testing phase and I don’t have templates for it. So I didn’t want people just browning and testing Pixnub to find it easily and try to use it without templates.

    Also, users are on their own for making templates for it right now.  So watch all of the videos.  The template part is kind of complicated and I ‘m not doing 1 on 1 training for any  of that.  I do plan to release some designs by this summer so the program can be ready for fall season. I really should have just waiting to release the program itself too.

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