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    @ Tim and Paul

    I did more testing on this today.  In the latest release of CC 2023 I can replicate you results and it is much slower. In the latest release of CC 2022 it is still as fast as it has always been.  In my testing on a Macbook M1 mini, I am getting 11 seconds in CC 2023 and 5 seconds in CC 2022.

    I really have no idea why CC 2023 is so much slower and I don’t know of anything I can do to speed it up.  I may have to work with Adobe on it but I have no idea if they can speed it back up and when that could happen.

    So I guess my best advice is to run EZ Green Screen 7 in Cc 2022.  You can have both CC 2022 and CC 2023 installed at the same time so you don’t need to uninstall CC 2023.

    I know this isn’t ideal. However, I don’t work for Adobe so my hands are tied when things in Photoshop itself run slower.  Really, the only thing I can do is relay the information to Adobe and hope they improve it.