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    You just need to make a new preset for 2×3 at 300 PPI if that is what you want.  You can make presets for whatever dimensions you want if you turn on resampling. Just be aware that if you ask for more pixels than you have left after cropping it will need to upsample to achieve that which will result in blurring…. because you can’t just make extra pixels and keep the same quality.  2×3 at 300 PPI is only 600×900 pixels so you are probably safe with that I would imagine. But if you force it to 8×10 at 300 PPI then that is 2400×3000 pixels. In that case, upsampling commonly occurs because there may be less than that amount of pixels left over after cropping for close up face crops.  Anyway, I explain all of that in the video.

    See this screenshot and tutorial link.