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    No, it isn’t a prefs issue. Your images have small green specs in them. maybe your images in the past didn’t have small green specs but your images now do. It may be only 1 pixels specs but they are there.

    This is something that has always happened, even with EZGS 6 when using contract mask. It is the reason I built in the auto refine modes watch the video and I explain it in more detail.

    For EZ Green Screen 7, I almost left out the contract 1, 2 and 3 pixel options and was going to go with only the auto refine low, medium and high which won’t have the issue. However, I decided to leave in the old 1, 2 and 3 pixel options.  However, those options are what they are. If there are small specs of extracted green, those 3 options will expand those holes.  The auto options will not.

    So if you need to use the contact options instead of the auto refine options for whatever reason, then you’ll need to figure out why your images have small green specs in the first place and correct that.  It could just be very small spec of chromatic abberrations around light reflections.

    Anyway, nothing has changed with EZ Grene Screen to cause it. And I already implemented the auto refine options to fix prevent it.