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    I’m pretty sure it has been requested by multiple developers but I can’t remember the details of the conversations. Right now, under Edit>Keyboard shortcuts, the only thing in the plugins menu that can be tied to a keyboard shortcut is the Plugins panel.

    Also, regarding the actions recording, I have been asking Adobe for over 2 years.  I think this is at least a year out…. but just a guess. This would allow an action to be attached to a keyboard shortcut. However, I would need to update the plugin to make it action recordable after Adobe gets the system in place.  This was a major pain in the but for extendscript. I don’t know how hard it will be for UXP.z

    One additional consideration I have is that I’m not sure if I want to make it action recordable.  Right now this is a moot point because it’s not possible anyway. However, if Adobe does create the system the I will have a decision to make on it.  Making it action recordable opens up the possibility for Face Crop to be used in the cloud be labs just by having a simple action being triggered by a hot folder type of system, Some labs were already doing that on a smaller scale with the older face Crop versions. However, there is the potential for a much larger scale operation to be built around it which could potentially create a situation where I create competitors for myself who offer cheap cropping services on the cloud and use face Crop in the background.  I don’t really like the thought of that.  Therefore, I need to process with caution for what I do for action recordability in face Crop I think.