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Jaimie Hurst

    Just wanted to update this since I may not be the only one who is dealing with this issue.  My graphics driver was updated and my PS was updated.  The entire program was acting “glitchy”.  So after an 1.5 hours on Friday they were able to get everything working.  No explanation but I was happy it was working.  I couldn’t finish my work so I closed down my PC and sure enough the next day it didn’t work AGAIN.  It was late on Adobe left me on hold for over an hour.   Finally I got a tech today that didn’t want to just blame the plugin.  I started showing the tech that liquify was acting quirky.  They did a lot of resetting and finally decided to uninstall everything and have me start over.  The best news was it worked for how long I have no idea but I was able to get the 13 teams built thru Ez Team so I am happy.