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    You will need to recreate a new text layer from scratch and it will fix the issue in the PSD.

    1. Make a new text layer

    2. Select the proper font

    3. Enter the size in the toolbar to set the text size… don’t use the scale tool to resize the text (that is what triggers the issue in the PSD).

    4. Right click on the old text layer and select copy layer style.

    5. Right click on the new text layer and select paste layer style.

    6. Delete the old corrupted text layer.

    7. Set the layer to point text.  You can do that in SPA under the PSD setup window if you don’t know how to do it manually.

    8. Move the new text layer into place.. but don’t scale. If you need to resize then type in the size in the toolbar on top.

    Now the new PSD will work without issues.